Marriage Conferences

"Patches 2020" - February 14-15, 2020 at Calvary Chapel in Arroyo Grande, CA, 93420 - Conference begins at 6:30 PM Friday night and resumes Saturday morning at 8:30 AM and continues to 3 PM.  Cost is $50 per couple, $25 for a individual spouse. 

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Counselor Training Conferences

May 14-16, 2020 at Calvary Chapel Island of Grace, 1680 Railroad Avenue, Holbrook, NY 11741   For registration contact Pastor Kevin at (631) 580-3055

Topics that will be covered

Thursday night: Pre-marital counseling which includes these topics.

  • Helping individuals determine if they are marrying the right person.
  • Determining a couple’s readiness for marriage.
  • Eight session outlines for pre-marital counseling.

Friday night: Marital counseling which includes these topics.

  • How to deal with couples in a crisis situation.
  • Steps in ongoing marital counseling.
  • Key issues that couples must resolve in their relationship that enable them to reach the goal of real companionship.

Saturday: General counseling which covers these topics.

  • Learn the differences between psychological and biblical counseling.
  • The qualities you need to truly help someone.
  • How to set goals and objectives in your counseling.
  • How to identify the stumbling blocks that hinder counseling.
  • How to deal with specific difficult issues such as, physically abusive, emotionally abusive, and explosive individuals. Also, drug and alcohol abuse, sexual infidelity, and sexual abuse.