Hearing the Voice of the Spirit

How can you hear the voice of the Spirit Heb. 3:7-10

A.) One of the most important questions for any believer is to hear the voice of the Spirit.

If you are a Christian you have already heard His voice. John 10:27 Rev. 3:20. How can you develop your hearing ability?

B.) Why is hearing the voice of the Spirit so important?
1. Hearing His voice keeps you from error & keeps you growing.
  - If you don’t want to go astray in your heart then you must hear His voice. Heb. 3:7-10
  - If you got angry at someone today and you hardened your heart and didn't forgive, then you didn't listen to His voice. Others heard His voice & forgave the person. Which person will you be? = determines personal growth and effectiveness.
2. Hearing His Voice allows you to be used & directed by God. Acts 8:26-30
  - Hearing God’s voice is the critical difference between sterile religion & relationship and true fellowship with a living God.
  - Do you want to be moved and directed by God in your life?
3. Most of the gifts of the Spirit begin with sensitivity to the voice of the Spirit.
  - Prophecy, word of knowledge, visions, discernment of Spirits, and interpretation of tongues all require you to hear the voice of the Spirit and take action. Acts 18:9
  - How could Agabus say, “Thus says the Holy Spirit?” Acts 21:10-11
  - The Lord can speak to you at any time. He is speaking but are we listening.
  - I remember the first time God gave me a word of prophecy. He confirmed this to me by having someone else speak the same word out before me.

C.) How can you hear the voice of the Spirit?
1. You hear God’s voice through His Word. Ps. 103:20
  - If you want to train yourself to hear God’s voice – get into the Word and hear the voice of His Word to your heart.
2. The Spirit speaks through people to reveal His Word.
  - God moves people to speak His Word to you. 2 Peter 1:21 Titus 1:3
  - God used the prophets who had heard God’s Word. Heb. 1:1 Acts 28:25
  - God used the apostles to speak His Word too. Acts 16:32
3. The Spirit speaks through your own thoughts. Neh. 7:5
  - There are some things the Bible doesn’t tell you to do. Acts 8:26-30 Acts 10:19
  - Your conscience, thoughts, and the Holy Spirit work together to change you. Rom. 2:15 Rom. 9:1
  - Therefore, you must listen more carefully to what goes through your head.

D.) How can you be sure what you hear in your thoughts is God’s voice?
1. The voice of the Spirit will never contradict the Word of God.
  - God gave the Holy Spirit to bear witness to the Word made flesh. To direct you to the truth of His Word. To testify of Him. John 15:26 John 16:13
  - God confirms to you that what you see and hear is of God. Acts 2:16
2. The voice of the Spirit will never contradict the attitude of God’s heart.
  - Moses should have known this when he exploded at the Jews. Num. 20:7-13
3. Time, experience, and seeing the fruit.
  - You will get it wrong sometimes. You’ll discern something is wrong and not act on it, only to find out later that you were right. Matt. 7:20