I. How can you find God’s sovereign will for your life?

1. By obeying the moral will of God.
If you want to enjoy God’s sovereign plan for your life, simply obey his moral will.  This will lead you directly into His sovereign plan for your life.  This is why whenever you get convicted, obey it.  As you obey, God then gives you more and you move more in harmony with His sovereign plan.  (Mark 4:24)

See the following examples:
a. Isaiah  (Is. 6:8)  God asked for a willing participant (This is the moral will of God for every man).  Isaiah responded and then God spoke and directed him to His sovereign will for his life. 
b. The Disciples - They finally followed the moral command to follow Jesus which naturally led them into His sovereign plan for their life. 
(Matt. 4:18-25) (Luke 4:38-5:11)
c. Paul - He was called and was not disobedient to the heavenly vision which led him to his life’s calling as an apostle of Jesus Christ. (Acts 26:19)
d. If any person rejects God’s call or commands in any aspect of their life, then in the same manner that individual will miss the blessing God had planned.   (Ps. 81:10-16)

What could the Lord do with you, if you were fully obedient to His will?

II. How can you walk in God’s moral will for your life?

1. Repent & Believe in Jesus Christ.  (Mark 1:15)  This is where it all begins.  God has been trying to guide you to Himself for a long time. 
- If you are rejecting God’s Son, you are rejecting His moral will for your life.

2. Surrender to Him.  (Rom. 12:1, 2)  Surrender is the key to all guidance and the perfect will of God.  (Phil. 2:13)

3. Seek Him first.  He promises to provide all that you need.  (Matt. 6:33)

4. Serve Him.  This is the moral will of God.  This was the heart of Jesus  (John 6:38) .

5. Allow God to build His character in you. The following issues will lead you into His plan.
a. Walk in Humility  (Ps. 25:9)
b. Walk with Integrity  (Prov. 11:3)
c. Deny yourself and you will find the life He promises  (Matt. 16:24,25)
d. Walk in Love    (Rom. 13:10)   (Phil. 1:9,10)
e. Walk in Faith    (Prov. 3:5,6)   (James 1:5-8)
f. Be Teachable    (Prov. 9:9)    (Prov. 19:20)
h. Obedience to what you know.  (Jer. 7:23)
i. Fear God  (Prov. 1:7)

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. This is where guidance into the sovereign Will of God begins.  These are the first steps.

III. How can you find wisdom to make good decisions?

1. Ask for wisdom  Prayer is how you humble yourself before God.  Many times Christians are simply not praying.  They are talking to everyone else about the problem except God. (Ps. 31:3)  (James 1:5)  The Holy Spirit is your best guidance counselor. (John 16:13)

2. Study the Word over this issue  The H.S. will never guide you where the Word forbids you to go.  (Ps. 73:24)  (Ps. 119:97-100)

3. Search the principles of God’s Word     What are these principles?
a. Is it right in the sight of God? (Acts 4:19)  Is this a moral or a non-moral issue?
b. Is my heart right?  You can’t pray or decide correctly if it’s not!  (Acts 8:21) 
c. Will my decision & actions bring glory to God?  (1 Cor. 10:31)
d. Will this action build me and others up, or stumble?
(1 Cor. 10:23)  (Rom. 14:13)
e. Is my decision motivated by love or selfish and fleshly? 
(Rom. 13:10)    (2 Cor. 1:17) 
f. What’s O.K. vs. What’s good vs. What’s best. (Phil. 1:10)   
g. Look at the fruit in every aspect of the decision.  (James 3:17,18)

4. Common sense    (2 Cor. 2:1-3)   (2 Peter 1:13)

5. Personal research   (Neh. 2:11-16)   (Joshua 2)

6. A pro and con list   (Luke 14:28-32)  Remember that you may have more cons than pros & it may still be what you should do.  Why?  Because it may be a direct command or one of the other principles we have listed here will take priority.  Moses crossing the Red Sea, or it may be the loving thing to do, but it get you in trouble.   (1 Cor. 16:8,9)

7. God even uses a simple thought that passes through your mind. God’s sovereign will worked out (Acts 7:23).  Notice how God uses your thoughts (Acts 10:19) (Acts 8:29).   But, remember that not every thought comes from God.  Remember Peter (Matt. 16:22).  Test your thoughts with what God has already said. If your thoughts are contrary to His Word, reject them.

8. No rest in your spirit  (2 Cor. 2:12,13)  Many times this is wisdom at work inside your mind using some of the above points or your conscience begins to bother you as you see the issue as morally wrong (Rom. 2:15).

9. Get the counsel of others  (Prov. 11:14) (Prov. 15:22)

IV. How will God intervene if you are violating His sovereign will?

1. God can change your mind about your beliefs through conviction. (Phil. 3:15)

2. God can intervene with numerous natural means - Someone changes their mind (1 Cor. 16:12).  Or, God may intervene like when someone over-hears the plot to kill Paul (Acts 23:12-22).

3. God can use supernatural means. Visions, Angels, prophecies, etc. 
(Acts 16:7,9,10)  (Acts 10:1-3)  (Acts 12:6-11)
- The point:  Plan, but plan with a willingness to change. (James 4:13-16)

4. God confirms His sovereign will sometimes by the circumstances. (Jer. 32:8)
- The bottom line - Use all the means available to gain wisdom, if things go sour, it doesn't have to mean that you made the wrong decision, trust Him to work it all for good (Rom. 8:28). You will never be able to figure out how He uses your good & bad decisions and works it all out for good. Consider this example: How can God take the most hateful act of man and use it to provide salvation us (Acts 2:23)?  When men thought they were frustrating God’s plan, they were actually fulfilling it.