1.    What is sin?
a.    Isaiah 1:2
b.    Isaiah 53:6

2.  Who sins?  Romans 3:23

3.  Where does sin come from?  Isaiah 14:12-15
a)    Rom. 5:12,16
b)    John 8:44, Is. 14:12-15
c)    James 1:15
d)    Matt. 15:19-20

4.    What are the results of sin?

1)    The effects of Adam’s decision on us today:
a)    Sin entered the world through one man (Adam) – Romans 5:12
b)    Adams’s sin separated man from God – Genesis 3:22
c)    Adam’s sin resulted in both physical and spiritual death for man:
1.    Physical Death – separation of the soul from the body – Genesis 3:19
2.    Spiritual Death – separation of the soul from God for eternity 
       Romans 6:23,  2 Thessalonians 1:8-10, Revelations 21:8

5.     Does a believer sin?  1John 1:8

1.    Definition of Salvation:
       First, you are saved from the penalty of your sins.  As you walk with Christ trusting in His power, you are saved from the power and dominion of sin in our life. 

2.    What is God’s gift to us?  John 3:16; Romans 6:23
3.    How are you saved?  Ephesians 2:8-9 
4.    Whom do we put our faith in for salvation?  Romans 10:9,10,13

1.    The definition of forgiveness:
       To give up all claim to punish or exact penalty for an offense; to overlook.
a)    What does God want to do with you sin?  1 John 1:7-10 _________________________
b)    What must you be willing to do?  Mark 11:25,26 ________________________________
c)    How does God now see your sin?  Isaiah 43:25; Jer 31:34 _________________________

2.    What is your response to God’s gift of salvation to you?  Phil. 4:4
       Salvation is a free gift from God.  We must RECOGNIZE our sin, RECEIVE Jesus Christ as our personal Lord and Savior, and REJOICE that God has given us eternal life in His Son.  Psalm 63:7