1. Our sun is shrinking. 
- The sun is approximately 865,000 miles in diameter. It is about 93 million miles from earth. However, 5 million tons of fuel per second burns from the sun. The sun's diameter is shrinking at the rate of 5 feet per hour or 8.3 miles per year. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that if the Sun is getting smaller every day that in years past it used to be larger. 
- Evolutionists tell us that the first humans lived on the earth 1 ½  to 2 million years ago.  That means that 2 million years ago the sun was about 16.6 million miles closer to the earth. Venus is 26 million miles closer to the Sun. The temperature on Venus is 850 degrees F.  At this distance from the Sun, life could not have existed on the earth when man supposedly came forth from his common ancestry with apes. If the earth is 4.5 billion years old our planet would have been not only closer to the Sun than Venus, the sun would have consumed it.

2. The moon is receeding. 
- Scientists have proven that our moon is moving away from the earth at a measured rate. On one of the Apollo moon landings astronauts left mirrors on the moons surface to allow laser beams to be reflected back to earth, allowing the distance to be measured. The moon is moving away from the earth at a rate of 4 cm or 1 ½ inches per year. The moon is 238,857 miles from earth. Therefore, it is logical to conclude that if the moon is moving away from the earth that in years past it used to be much closer. If you reverse this rate of recession millions or billions of years you have a real problem. Every 1000 years = the moon would be 125 feet closer. Every million years 23.67 miles closer. Every billion years 23,670 miles closer. If the universe is 4.5 billions years old then the moon was 106,515 miles closer then, or 45% closer to the earth. This means that because of the gravitational influence upon the earth, the tides would have flooded all the land mass twice a day. (Inverse square law = if you half the distance your quadruple the magnetic attraction).

3. The decay of the earth’s magnetic field. 
- The earth is one giant magnet, which produces a measurable magnetic field. The first measurement was done in 1829. According to physicist Thomas Barnes (1971), the magnetic field has decreased by 14% and at the current rate of decay, the earth’s magnetic field would have been implausibly large even 10,000 years ago. 30,000 years ago the earth would have had the intensity of a magnetic star.  No life could have existed on earth.

4. The earth is slowing down. Earth spins at 1046 mph at the equator.  
- Dr. Donald Hamilton, an evolutionist, states, “As the Earth loses its kinetic energy due to all forms of friction acting on it (tides, galactic space dust, etc.) like any other flywheel, it will slow down. From time to time our timekeepers must adjust their super accurate atomic clocks to synchronize them with the Earth's slowing rotation. We don't know what the original rate of rotation was when the planet exploded out of the sun originally! If the rate of rotation has been slowing fairly constantly, the earth must have been rotating extremely fast originally for it to slow down to the present 24-hour rate it is today in 4.5 billion years. It must have had an extremely rapid original day/night cycle. If it took less then 1 hour - the earth may have looked more like a pancake then a sphere. Perhaps that is when the moon broke away from the spinning Earth. Maybe the geophysicists are wrong in their estimates of the Earth's age or perhaps the atomic clocks are not as accurate as everyone thinks?” At least this scientist sees the possibility that the scientists are wrong when it comes to the age of the earth.
- Therefore, if the earth is losing 1/1000 of a second every day. Every 10 months they add a second to the clocks. If you go back millions of years life could not have been supported on this planet. If the earth were billions of years old the centrifugal force would have notably deformed the earth surface. 

Reasons to reject the hypothesis that man has existed for millions of years.

1. Limited recorded history.  
- If man has been around on the earth for 1 million years, why do we only possess 5 - 6 thousand years of recorded history? Why does the Egyptian hieroglyphic writing abruptly appear in their civilization? Or, Maya hieroglyphic writings of the Zapotecs in Oaxaca, Mexico. Or, around 4100-3800 BC, Mesopotamian tokens were found that used symbols that could be impressed or inscribed in clay to represent a record of land, grain, or cattle transactions as their written language.

2. Why do most civilizations have written records of the flood? 
- Over 500 Flood legends worldwide in the ancient civilizations such as (China, Babylon, Wales, Russia, India, America, Hawaii, Scandinavia, Sumatra, Peru, and Polynesia) all have their own versions of a giant flood. These written traditions all reveal the real beginning of our present civilization.

3. Population growth. 
- If mankind lived on the earth for a million of years the population growth would have overflowed the world. At our current rate of population increase of 2% per year two people could generate 3.5 billion people in only 1075 years. Since written records go back over 4,000 years, it is obvious that the average growth rate throughout past history has been considerably less than the present rate. Therefore, if the population increased at an average rate of only 1/2% you could generate the present world population in only 4000 years. It is obvious that at this slower rate of population increase of only one-fourth of the present rate of growth, if man have lived on the earth for over a million years our population should be at a minimum of 1 trillion 500 billion people. In addition, this figure is low because it does not take into account the exponential rate of growth of population.
- Look at the fact of exponential growth: At the time of Christ = 140 million people, 1000 = 280 million, 1804 = 1 Billion, 1927 = 2 Billion, 1960 = 3 Billion, 1974 = 4 Billion, 1987 = 5 Billion, 2000 = 6 Billion.
- These figures reveal the fact that the Bibles revelation of the age of the earth of six thousand years is much more plausible than the evolutionists claim of a million years.

4. The build-up of mud and silt at the mouth of the Mississippi River. 
- This river sends 80,000 tons of mud and silt per hour per day out into the Gulf of Mexico. It doesn't take much understanding to conclude that after a million years the Mississippi delta should be stopped up. What would it look like after 70 million years? Evolutionists teach that this is when the dinosaurs roamed the earth.

5. The growth of the Great Barrier Reef. 
- Scientist have done a growth study on the reef and observed it for 20 years. They estimated it’s age as 4,200 years old.

6. The erosion of Niagara Falls. 
- Scientists have measured its erosion at 4-5 feet per year or a total of 7 miles of erosion.

7. Oceans getting more salty. 
- When it rains 30% of the water returns to the ocean through rivers and streams. This water contains mineral salts. The ocean waters evaporate leaving the salt. Therefore, the oceans are getting saltier every day. Today the ocean is 3.6% salt. If you take the rate of increase of the salt content and multiply it by millions of years the ocean would be like the Dead Sea in Israel. It could not support life.

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