Single Video Presentations Designed to Encourage Couples in Their Marriage Relationship
all video is on flash drives feature Pastor Steve Carr

Each video presentation listed below was recorded at a couple’s retreat around the country. These presentations are approximately 45 minutes of teaching dealing with specific topics based solely on God’s Word.

  • All videos include a worksheet for you and your spouse to help you apply the principles to your individual needs.
  • These videos are also an excellent resource for a married couple Bible study when used in conjunction with the worksheets. 
  • Pastors can use these presentations as an additional counseling tool for couples who need further help in a specific area of their marriage. Have a couple view the video, do the worksheet, and bring it back for follow-up counseling and discussion.

Video Titles

  • The Song of Solomon (3 studies on flash drive)
    Why did Solomon and his wife have such a romantic relationship? In this expositional study through the entire book of the Song of Solomon you will discover 25 lessons in romantic love that will reveal to you what you can practically do to stir up the romance in your marriage.
  • Realistic Expectations
    Discover in this study what the hindrances are to having realistic expectations in your marriage. Then learn where you can find those realistic expectations that are so essential for a lasting relationship.
  • How to Become One
    How can two very different people actually become one? Learn five simple steps to becoming one with your mate so you can experience the oneness and companionship God intends for your marriage.
  • Building Understanding With Your Spouse
    Determine the hindering factors that keep understanding in your marriage at a minimum. If you have ever wondered if understanding your mate were truly possible, then this video is for you. Learn practical steps that will help you grow in your understanding of your spouse and establish the relationship you desire.
  • Sexual Intimacy In Marriage
    Look into the essential need for intimacy in your relationship and learn how to develop greater awareness of your mate's needs. In addition, you will examine several practical steps to help you overcome the most important areas of difficulty in your sexual relationship.
  • The Mystery of Oneness
    Learn how to evaluate the depth of oneness in your marriage. Consider how to develop your spiritual life, communication, emotional, and sexual issues that will allow you and your mate to grow into successful companions.
  • How to Fight Fair
    Discover what God’s Word declares about what is fair when you attempt to reconcile those stubborn issues that divide you. Learn to apply biblical principles to resolve conflicts, which will enable you to establish a deeper companionship.
  • Strengthening Communication Skills
    Examine biblical principles that will help you strengthen your ability to communicate with your spouse. Consider how your attitudes, words, and actions either hinder or promote effective communication.
  • Developing a Strong Christian Family in the Midst of a Chaotic World
    This presentation emphasizes the need for spiritually strong parents; effective communication; the ability to resolve conflicts; true commitment to each other; correct priorities for relationships; how to encourage, accept and praise family members; the need to reject control and possessiveness; and how to build intimacy and companionship.
  • Developing Greater Companionship
    Discover what is causing the distance in your relationship and the practical steps to develop greater companionship.
  • Building a Better Marriage
    This video takes an in-depth look at issues that keep couples from achieving the best marriage possible and practical ways to reverse course. Some issues that are addressed are: building your spiritual life; the willingness to work at your marriage; conflict resolution; identifying hindrances to communication and intimacy; and the need to become friends with your mate.

All videos include accompanying worksheet

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